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Sports Traditions – Our Olympians

Radlin is a town of rich Olympic traditions dating back to the early twentieth century. Radlin’s athletes caused a dynamic growth in sport practicing among the town’s population and this trend is increasing ever more.

The Municipal Sport Center hosts an exhibition dedicated to 20 Olympians closely connected to Radlin in honor of their participation in Olympic games. These are either people from Radlin or members of local sport clubs. Due to this long and extensive Olympian tradition, the area between the Municipal Sport and Recreation Center, ul. Mariacka and ul. Korfantego was named “Radlin’s Olympians’ Square” (plac Radlińskich Olimpijczyków) by a decree of the Town Council during the Special Council Session on 23rd March 2007. The name of the square was chosen on the basis of an internet poll.

Radlin is one of the best sporting towns in the country, taking into account the number of active athletes per capita. Radlin’s athletes are successful on regional, national and international levels.

The main disciplines that are cultivated in Radlin are the following ones (and the names of respective clubs):

  • Swimming (KS Górnik Radlin),
  • Fencing (Górnik Radlin, UKS Trójka Radlin),
  • Gymnastics (KG Radlin),
  • Volleyball (SK Górnik Radlin),
  • Football (KS Górnik Radlin)
  • Martial arts (TAO UKS Ronin)

Sports facilities

In Radlin there are several general sports facilities:

  • Municipal Sports and Recreation Center, ul. Korfantego,: it has two swimming pools, two halls, two gyms and a sauna. This facility is also available for disabled people; it was modernized with non-public funds. It has the potential to host high profile sport events.
  • Gimnastic facility “Leszek Blanik” (the so-called “Sokolnia”), ul. Sokolska – it is also home to “Radlin” Gymnastyc Club’s headquarters. This facility is used for training purposes, as well as for organizing sport events.
  • A training court near ul. Mariacka: it is the seat of the local “Górnik Radlin” football club and used for organization of recreational and athletic events
  • Sport court in Reden district – a field used for games by amateur clubs;
  • Gyms in the open air – it is one of the surprises of Radlin’s 15th anniversary celebration. The largest gym is located in Forest Park Areas. It is used not only by adults but also by students of Primary School No. 4, which is located right next to it. Some smaller gym can be found on Sienkiewicza, Findera and Jaśminowa streets.

Radlin’s sports facilities are managed by Municipal Sports and Recreation Center (MOSiR). MOSiR has a wide range of services not only for sporting clubs and associations, but also for individual users. Its offer includes: aqua aerobics, step aerobics, aerobic fitness, pilates, exercise for 40-year-olds, dance fitness, Nordic walking, swimming lessons and much more.

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