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Radlin is a very paradise for outdoor activities. Its extensive infrastructure allows to practice most sports. At any time you can go hiking through the districts of the town, jogging along the forest paths or ride a bike along the specially designated bicycle routes. The city is intersected by two bike lanes: the Green one (Radlin Railway Station – Niewiadom – Lake Rybnik) and the Yellow one (MB Uśmiechniętej Sanctuary in Pszów – Radlin – Corpus Christi Sanctuary in Jankowice).

The first dedicated Nordic walking path built in Upper Silesia starts in Radlin and leads to a Rybnik’s district, Popiełów.

Radlin has an unique environment. On the one hand, there is plenty of full of forest nooks and crannies. On the other, old buildings and workers’ housings simply invite to be explored either on foot or by bike.

While staying in Radlin be sure to visit the 19th century estate “Kolonia Emma w Radlin”, in Marcel district.

Seasons do not have any particular meaning in Radlin– no matter what time of the year one can always find something interesting to do. Town’s facilities allow practicing a variety of sports. Particularly noteworthy is the high ropes course established in 2012 in Areas district, or the outdoor gyms, also inaugurated in 2012.

After actively spent time, you can relax in the swimming pools of Municipal Sports and Recreation Center in Radlin or rest by a colorful fountain in the shape of a heart in Radlińskich Olimpyjczyków Sq.


The moist important steering factor of Radlin’s cultural life is its Municipal Cultural Centre (MOK). MOK’s head office is in the strict center of the town, making it easily accessible to residents of Radlin. Its building dates from the 70s and at the very beginning it belonged to the mining plant Marcel. However, in 1998 it was assigned to the town of Radlin. The activity, mainly focused on relations with its former owner, was turned into a far more general cultural activity, which now meets the cultural requirements of the residents of Radlin and a larger area around the town. Nowadays MOK is a fully professional facility with ability to organize a variety of cultural events. It possesses a theater with large stage (400 seats), a smaller one (80 seats) adjoining a café, a cameral exhibition pavilion and a cinema.

Radlin’s cultural offer is quite extensive. The most important annually organized events, also recognized outside Radlin, are the following ones:

  • “Faces of the Blues” – concerts featuring stars of blues music, bringing together lovers of the genre from all over the region,
  • “Stars are dancing” – dancing competition with local leaders, modeled on “Dancing with the Stars”
  • Concert “Valentine’s Day in the Town with a Heart” – Valentine’s Day concert with the participation of well-known stars,
  • “Radliński Betlejki” – an overview of the Christmas shows, collects theater groups from around the country,
  • NGO Festival – an event dedicated to non-governmental organizations from Radlin and neighboring municipalities, during of which the organization present themselves, a conference and an exhibition of main activities take place; the festival has a pronounced artistic accent
  • Outdoor events “Summer Welcome” and “Farewell to Summer” – large outdoor events involving high-level celebrities are held on the main square in the town center.


Numerous groups of people, representing a large part of our community, interested with art are active within MOK. Group activities help cultivating traditions, customs but also developing new interests. MOK is all the time expanding its offer of how the people of Radlin can spend their leisure time.

Municipal Cultural Centre in Radlin organizes artistic groups in the following three main areas:

  • Theatre – Youth Theatre MIRROR, Words and Music Lounge
  • Painting and drawing – art groups “Passion” (adults), “Little Passion” and “Spots” (children and adolescents).
  • Dance – Dance groups: TEP, VENUS, PRZYTUP, Marakas, Ballroom Dance Group DEJA-VU
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