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There are currently 9 educational institutions, all of which are managed by the town of Radlin.


  • Public Kindergarten No. 1, ul. Reymont 9
  • Public Kindergarten No. 2, ul. Mielęckiego 13
  • Public Kindergarten No. 3, ul. Mary 1

Primary Schools:

  • Sporty Primary School No. 2 in the framework of the School Sports, ul. Rogozin 52
  • Primary School No. 3, ul. Rymera 170
  • Primary School No. 4, ul. Spring of Nations 287

Secondary schools:

  • School No. 1, ul. Makuszyńskiego 17
  • Sports School No. 2 in the framework of the Sports School, ul. Rogozina 52

Other facilities:

  • After School Activity Center, ul. Rogozina 55

In addition to primary and secondary schools, in Radlin it is also active a High School Complex, shaped upon Secondary, Technical and Vocational High Schools. Currently, this facility includes: a General High School, a Technical High School with profiles: economic and administrative, service and marketing, information management, social work, a Vocational College with the profile of administration techniques.

In the nearby seat of Wodzisław there is also Technical School and District Education Centre. In the neighboring town of Rybnik there is an Engineering Education Centre of Silesian University of Technology.

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