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History of the town

Radlin is known primarily through the lens of mining activities in the area. The extraction of  Silesian “black gold” from the late nineteenth-century marked the development of its lands, transforming the agricultural landscape into an important industrial point in the southern part of Upper Silesia.
Since 130 years the mining plant “Marcel”, formerly “Emma”, has been a regular part of the economic life Radlin. Built in forested areas of Radlin, it started its activity in 1883 with its two mining shafts “Grundmann” and “Mauve”, which in the interwar period were renamed as “Anthony” and “Victor”. Deepened and modernized many times over the years, these shafts are still being utilized for miners and materials transport.
At the turn of XIX and XX centuries the activity of the plant was marked by dynamic growth.  In 1885 the nearby mine “Mariahilf”, which had been idle for a year, was leased. A series of complementary industrial activities was founded:  briquetting plant, power plant and coking plant.. All of these plants formed one large industrial complex to which in 1909 was attached the mining plant “Reden”.

In the same period, nearby the mining plant there was established a modernist compound housing  for workers, known as “Kolonia Emma”. It is a unique house-garden complex in the region and was designed by some of the most renown modernistic architects of the period. The housing complex, which may be compared with Katowice’s Nikiszowiec,  can still be inspiring. It is a frequently chosen object for painters and photographers, while “Emma”’s dwellers are engaged in Local Activities Program.
Coal Mine “Marcel” is now one of the most important points on the industrial map of Upper Silesia; on the other hand, Coking plant  “Radlin”  is boasting the most modern equipment in Europe in its class.  From one view, Radlin is a symbol of the history of mining, from another one, it is an example of a modern mining town.

Around coal…

Three of the town’s largest plants – Coking plant ‘Radlin’, Mining plant “Marcel” and  Power plant ‘Marcel’ – have left their footstep in the nature of Radlin for many years (the tree plant being located in the central part of the town ).

In addition to activities relating to coal extraction, coal processing, and energy production there are several other businesses. A shoe factory, a water supply company, a sand mining plant and several others focused on service delivery.

The largest public employers are: Radlin Town Council, Sport Facilities Complex, Gymnasium nr 1 and Municipal Utilities Company.

Maintaining the industrial character of the town unmistakably represents its hallmark among  most cities in the region, who saw their chances in the development of high-tech, computer, or service activities, in the same time willing to distance themselves from the perception of being centers of heavy industry. Radlin is a perfect place for the development of complementary services in relation to major cities in the region, where are located the so-called higher-order services.
The development path Radlin chose in this manner  is a specific compromise between the traditions of the town as a center of heavy industry and the attempt  to build a modern urban unit by implementing the principles of sustainable development.

Radlin, a town with heart

What is a “town with a heart”…?

It is a certain sensitivity to human needs within our town community, as well as in relations with external stakeholders.

  • Radlin Town Council – since the beginning of its functioning – focused on  working with non-governmental organizations. Many times we incentivized our fellow townsmen to create their own organizations. As one of the first towns in Poland, it prepared its own Sustainable Development Strategy in a participative manner, with a large presence of its local community representatives.
  • Radlin – despite its intensive connection to mining industry – is a town heavily involved with environment protection. Its  ‘Green Heart’ award since many years proves a stable position in the upper ranking of Renewable Energy League.
  • Radlin has been since years  implementing organizational and technological solutions in order to facilitate communication between institutions and citizens. From the very beginning
  • Radlin was involved in the pioneering national project “Electronic Communication System for Public Administration”.  The Town Council has repeatedly used environmental-friendly materials and technologies for printing publications and promotional  materials. Caring for the environment is very important to us.
  • Three years prior to the amendment of  Protection of Animals Law, Town Council of Radlin already implemented its own animal care policy by approving a Homeless Animal Care and Animal Homelessness Prevention Program. Our experience has helped other municipalities implement similar programs.
  • The very selection of our promotional slogan (“Town with a heart”) took place in a rather unusual way – it was chosen by our fellow citizens through a special public questionnaire. It was a quite experimental use of the so-called crowdsourcing principle, i.e. harvesting of potential ideas from within our diversified community.
  • For years civic activity has been encouraged. Its positive practices within non-governmental organizations are reflected at the annual NGO Festival in Radlin.
  • Town of Radlin has been implementing a Local Activity Program under which social activation projects are deployed in order to prevent social exclusion of the most endangered groups.

This is not all of our activities, of course. At every step we are trying to prove that we are this “town with a heart,” and explain what we mean by that. Many entrepreneurs trusted us with their faith, for whom the slogan “I love to invest in Radlin” is not only a slogan…

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