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In Radlin there are more than 30 non-governmental organizations, providing thus a wide range of leisure activities and opportunities to develop new interests.

Community of Radlin stands out with a modern approach to business in the tertiary sector and the idea of civil society. New associations have been formed over the past 15 years. They now operate in the area of local development and no longer with a typical hobby orientation as before.

Radlin hosted in 2001 the first ever NGO Festival in Wodzislaw district. An initiative took place later in 2003 whose consequences resulted in the establishment of Radlin’s Council of Non-Governmental Organizations and Town Council’s decree defining the principles of cooperation between NGOs and Town Council itself.

Radlin began to stand out on the map of civil activity and it started being pointed out as a reference of good practices in this area, which didn’t go unnoticed in the region or even the country (good inter-sectorial cooperation established in Radlin had an important effect in the choice of the town to be included in a nationwide project called “Transparent Municipality”).

Leaving numerous sports clubs aside, Radlin’s associations mainly operate in the sphere of culture and local development (they have different statutory objectives: local culture and tradition development, women’s activities, action for children and young people, helping the disable).

One of the most interesting initiatives carried out entirely by a local NGO is surely Citizens Counseling Bureau – one of the few of its kind in the region, it offers free legal and civil advice. The bureau belongs to the Union of Citizens Counseling Bureaus. About 900 cases are considered each year.

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